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Power point presentation, what you should know about it?

Many students nowadays are faced with a task of making a PowerPoint presentation for their classes. It is true that this kind of assignment has been on the rise in the past few years. It has become even more popular than writing the term paper. However, not all students are aware of how to write a compelling PowerPoint presentation to impress their audience and get a high grade. For this reason, it is important to know what should and should not be included in this kind of work. Let us discuss the basic rules of making a presentation.

What to include in a PowerPoint presentation?

In order to stand out from the crowd when making a PowerPoint presentation for your class, you need to know your audience. Some students think that it makes no difference, but it is not so. Different kinds of audience require different approaches, varying amounts of data and different types of presentations.

Try to use a proper design in your presentation in order to really stand a chance to succeed in presenting the material to your audience.

Make your presentation simple. Do not use too much information on every slide as it will overload your work and make it difficult to understand. Therefore, you need to strive for the utmost level of simplicity.

Make sure that you follow a distinct flow of thoughts to make yourself clear and present the information concisely and effectively.

Use a lot of charts and other graphical and visual effects in order to increase the impression you wish to produce on your audience.

Finally, add the main points of your discussion to the last slide in your presentation in order to summarize the presented material.

What not to include in your presentation?

Avoid using a widely accepted design that everyone has already seen many times. This will ensure that your presentation is unique of its kind and does not contain too generic elements.

Avoid using excessive sound effects and animations that might divert the attention of your audience from the main points of your discussion.

Try not to exceed the limit of 5 bullet lines on every slide as this will also distract the listeners.

Don't use too unordinary fonts that nobody has on their computers. Try to use only conventional fonts in order to avoid technical problems.

Avoid making more than 25 slides in a single presentation. Otherwise, it will be too difficult for your audience to trace your flow of thoughts.


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