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Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning
Hillel of Greater Washington
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The Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning
“Preserve that which is sacred and make sacred that which is new.” Rav Kook

The Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning will integrate the Board of Jewish Education, Hillel of Greater Washington, and Jewish Experiences for Teens (JET), building on the strengths of each agency and interconnecting the professional and lay expertise of each population in order to expand relations, maximize the potential, and elevate the status of Jewish education and identity in our community.

This initiative represents a 1½ year exploration of how we can maximize the ability of our communal agencies to enrich Jewish identity and learning and create a community culture that views Jewish education and engagement as a top priority.

Community institutions and synagogues will benefit greatly from the collaboration, innovation, and consultation fostered and promulgated through the Partnership that will become a portal to enriched Jewish life in our community. It will encompass and integrate formal and experiential Jewish learning and identity-building, as well as create multiple points of entry for every age and place on the spectrum of Jewish involvement.

Vision Statement

Building community through engagement, empowerment and excellence:

  1. Engage the community in formal and experiential learning by creating multiple entry points and opportunities that will connect them to Jewish life.
  2. Empower the community by providing it with multiple pathways to access resources and more varied and synergistic ways to pursue Jewish education and experiences.

Working Objectives

Build Community Infrastructure:

  1. Provide capacity-building support in Jewish education and identity through agencies, campuses, schools, youth groups and synagogues.
  2. Promote a culture of reflection through continuous analysis and evaluation of ongoing programs by using the broad community resources to:
    1. Identify and strengthen successful programs and disseminate them to all potential applications within the education and identity community;
    2. Plan, research and incubate new programs and approaches that may have successful applications within other parts of the education and identity community;
    3. Look critically at ways that programs and services can best maximize the communal goals of Jewish education and identity, making revisions and improvements, filling gaps, and redirecting resources as appropriate.

Build Community Human Resources:
Encourage the best candidates to take professional positions in Washington area agencies, campuses, schools, camps, and synagogues by providing them with incentives, support, and development opportunities and continue to sustain their professional growth and develop their leadership within our community.

Build Community Financial Resources:

  1. Raise Community-wide awareness of the critical role that formal and experiential education play in the future of our Diaspora community.
  2. Provide a broad range of new investment opportunities to meet this critical need.



Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning
Hillel of Greater Washington

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Rockville, MD 20852-4816

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